SERIGO 5 News 5 SERIGO kicks off to enhance social inclusion in rural areas

SERIGO kicks off to enhance social inclusion in rural areas

May 22, 2024 | News

The SERIGO project kicked off to promote social innovation as a means to enhance social inclusion within rural communities. The project is coordinated by the University of Eastern Finland and brings together 17 partner organisations from 11 different EU countries.

SERIGO will conduct community-based participatory research, through case studies and pilots testing, foster collaborations, and provide policy recommendations on how social innovation can enhance resilience, social inclusion, and well-being in European rural areas. The project is a 4-year initiative funded under the Horizon Europe programme of the European Union (EU).

13 case studies and 5 co-creation pilots

SERIGO applies an intersectional perspective to analyse vulnerability and implements critical systems thinking in combination with community-based participatory research. This approach aims to explore both the capacity and limitations of socially innovative solutions in enhancing social inclusion and equitability. Empirical data will be gathered in 13 case studies over Europe.

The project will also co-create five experimental pilot actions aimed at testing socially innovative solutions and providing support to vulnerable groups in Austria, Estonia, Finland, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

A training programme tailored for refugee and migrant women in Carinthia region (Austria) and the creation of a community energy initiative while fostering capacity building in Ostrovany (Slovakia), are some examples from the pilot actions.

Additionally, SERIGO will co-create and validate the research results and policy findings through a Community of Practice (CoP) which will also serve to facilitate knowledge transfer and peer-learning.